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"The Perfect Tool..."


I'm Kent Roller, President of Island Network Solutions in Honolulu, HI. We develop custom software for workgroups and web sites. I spend as much time training people as I do programming, so I was looking for a low cost, quick, and easy software program that outputs to professionally formatted Flash videos that I can post on my website.

Video Web Wizard is the perfect tool for this. It's fast, and has a nice set of premade Flash [players]...

... Video Web Wizard is perfect for novices who don't have the time to learn, and experts who only have the time to get it done. It's my favorite tool for communicating, and for converting large videos to small, high-quality Flash videos.

I highly recommend it, and have - to architects, doctors, and graphic artists who need to explain visually what they can't in an email or screen shot.
Thanks, Keith, for a great product."


Kent Roller


"VideoWebWizard Is A Blast"

"Hey Keith,

Roy Fielding here,

This Video Web Wizard is a Blast.... A truly easy program to operate.

Believe me I'm not all that techie and I've had programs in the past that claimed to do what Video Web Wizard does.

But to be honest with you, they have never been used and now have like 1 inch of cyber dust collected on them on my PC.....

Thank you for finally making something even I could use...


Roy Fielding
The Free Tools Newsletter"


"Before VideoWebWizard I Had To Spend Hours... VideoWebWizard Cuts This Down To Minutes"

"Hi Keith

As a web designer (as well as an Internet marketer) I frequently have the need to add video to a site.

Before VideoWebWizard I had to convert the videos and create the page code by hand, anything up to an hours work for each video.

VideoWebWizard cuts this down to around five minutes, even less for the second and subsequent videos if I have more than one video to incorporate on a site!

The software is so simple to use that I would guess that most people wouldn't even bother reading the instructions, just dive right on in and get started...

My latest set of videos was on one of my clients sites,

I received the raw videos late one evening from the client, spent less than twenty minutes with VideoWebWizard adding the converted videos to the site, uploaded them and was done within half an hour.

My client thinks I worked through the night sweating hard on a difficult task, don't tell him how easy it was please!

Great product Keith


Phil Horsepool
Creative Web Design


"I Am Enjoying VideoWebWizard"

"I am enjoying VideoWebWizard.  I've already converted most of my video files to the FLV format.  Can't wait to start using them on my on-line auction sites.

Thanks for introducing me to this great product."

Steven Doornbos


"VideoWebWizard Is Awesome"

"Hi! Keith Gilbert
VideoWebWizard is awesome and I fully recommend it to anyone who interested in marketing and exploding your sales to get this video software. You will be amazed what it can do for you.
All The Best!"
Dechen Lau


"One of the rare occasions that the product is as good as the sales page would have us believe."

"Keith, Video Web Wizard is outstandingly brilliant. For the technically challenged like myself, you provide us a simple way to keep pace with the market, provide our visitors with quality video and leave our competitors behind.

It is so easy to use. One of the rare occasions that the product is as good as the sales page would have us believe. Well done."

Ray Burton


"Amazingly Professional Software!"


Amazingly professional software! ... I put up a couple videos lickity-split! Used the free Windows Movie Maker and then plugged 2 WMV's into VideoWebWizard. I simply ftp'd the folders up to my good ole standby website and then anxiously went to see what happened... perfection! My examples are not fancy but your software sure is. Thanks!

Both videos came from a digital camera, not a camcorder. About 20 seconds of video for the "Cable" setting was less than a megabyte for the folder. The Thanksgiving was already short and I sent it in at "Dialup" setting so it was a super small folder. What amazes me is the quality I see on the webpage.

Thanks, Keith!



"All I Can Say Is WOW!"

"Hi Keith!

All I can say is WOW! I've been having a lot of fun trying out this program and familiarizing myself with all the different options available. The more I play around with it, the easier it gets. Now that I have a program like this, my mind is buzzing with ideas!"

Janet Barrett


"VideoWebWizard Is A Great Product"


VideoWebWizard is a great product and much in demand now that more and more people are realizing the importance of adding video to their websites. ... Once again, thanks for a great product."

Bruce Walls


"You Have A Winner"

"Hey Keith,

Man, where were you before I spent almost $400 dollars on [another video producing software program]. Your Video Web Wizard would have been just the ticket when I was first starting out. .... Easy setup, almost no learning curve, and the preset video settings are perfect.

By George I would say you have a winner there.


Best Regards,

Rich Carter
Affordable Power packed Affiliate Software"


"You've Done It Again"

"Wow Keith... you've done it again and provided a highly capable and cost effective web video alternative for internet marketers. VideoWebWizard is easy to use, comes with a variety of great player designs, and matches the file size compression of the other main FLV file conversion software in the market... and yet yours is less than half the price! Kudos to you my friend for the value you are providing us with this tool. I wonder what you have in store for us next? ;-)"

Damien Dupont


"By Far The Easiest And Fastest Program"

"Hello Keith,

I purchased the Video Web Wizard yesterday and started to use it last night.

I would like to point out that I already had at least 5 other programs
designed to generate video for web sites. But the Video Web Wizard interface made this, by far, the easiest and fastest program I have ever used to produce and place video on my web sites. I expect to have video on most of my 40+ sites within the next week.

Thanks for such a great product! Only wish you had introduced it a few months ago and I would have saved a few hundred dollars."

With Regards,
Michael Holder


"I Am Very Impressed With VideoWebWizard"

"Hi Keith

Thanks for the help.... I am very impressed with VideoWebWizard and have already recommended it to many people. Was using [another Flash video software program] before and it was far more time consuming.

Thanks for the personal service Keith.

Justin Heslinga
Tracker CNC


"Thank YOU For A Great Product"

"Hello Keith,

I am the director of the In the Shadows Paranormal Project, located in the greater Denver metro area. One of our biggest headaches was being able to take all of our surveillance video and distribute it to the entire team for viewing. The upload time alone for as much as 24 hours of video from seven cameras, night vision camcorders, and other video sources proved to be daunting. Not to mention gigabytes of data! Since the whole team of our investigators would like to review the video; the distribution, upload, and download time took forever in its original format.

Now with your Video Web Wizard software, streaming video evidence can be viewed and commented on it from within our forum in a very small fraction of the time and space it used to. It's amazing how the upload time was greatly reduced! Your product has helped immensely with our dilemma, and not being a web designer, simple enough for me to add to our web site with minimal effort! I'm glad I found it!

Thank YOU for a great product!

Jari Mikkola"


"It Sounds Too Good To Be True - But It's Not!"


What an extraordinary value!

It's amazing to me that for the very reasonable, one time price the entire program is mine to use forever without any catches. And, it is so easy to use. Just as the ad said, I had video up and running on one of my website pages within minutes.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true but it's not! I highly recommend Video Web Wizard to all. It's an excellent program.

Jay Lindsay
National Business Reports


"Everything Is Done With Just A Couple Clicks..."

"Hi Keith,

I have been looking for some software which would allow me to put my videos
on the web.

Your software is brilliant, it makes it so easy to convert and publish my videos, everything is done with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

It really is a great piece of software which works brilliantly.


Kevin Graham"


"I Tried Several Other Programs Without Success..."

"Hi Keith,

I am very impressed with your compression video tool, Video Web Wizard,  I have tried several other software programs, but with not much success, but your software is so impressive and it operates very easy,  and you don't need to be a brain surgeon to work it,  I thought that I would contact you to thank you

Thank You Keith

Derek Seabrook"


"I Was Completely New To Creating Flash Videos"

"I was completely new to creating flash videos, and Video Web Wizard was the key to embedding them on my web pages. Before that, I wasted a lot of time searching for embedding methods... a LOT of time! Keith Gilbert has been a "wizard" of support and great customer service.

Thanks Keith!

Kathy Reed"


"VideoWebWizard Is Outstanding Software"

"Keith - FYI

VidelWebWizard is outstanding software. It performs the task beyond my expectations in just a few clicks I had my video up and running on my web page. I recommend this to anybody that wants to breeze through the process - you will not be disappointed."

Ron Z


"I'm One Of Your Satisfied Customers"

"Thanks so very much. I'm one of your satisfied customers. It's nice to have someone offer such a good product at such a reasonable price.

Thanks again."

Dale LePrevost


"A Dream Come True"

"Hey there Keith Gilbert!

Your video web wizard is absolutely a dream come true. There is so many things I will be able to do with it now on my new community website.

Thank you for delivering a great product!


Sarah-Jane Moldenhauer"


"Your Product Is Amazing"

"Hello Keith.

This is what I have to say. I make a lot of educational video for several on line car forums. Your product is amazing. For years I've been struggling with uploading videos through youtube, photobucket, etc. I had to wait for hours tell my video will upload and then convert, and such. Now with a few simple clicks, I get what I want how I want it. Just want to say thank you so much."

Mark Igolnikov


"I'd Be Happy To Recommend VideoWebWizard"

"Hi Keith.

I'd be happy to recommend VideoWebWizard. It's very easy to use and actually, most importantly I can control the quality of the video through the different options. I find that often when viewing videos on the public sites like YouTube, the quality is quite poor.

Best Regards,

Paul Battram"


"VideoWebWizard Is Definitely The Way To Go"

"I've converted videos through numerous other programs and your is by far the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to add video to your website. If you don't have video on your website these days you are truly missing out. If you are planning on adding video to your website then Video Web Wizard is definitely the way to go.

You can use this testimonial if you would like.


Paul Wilson"


"Excellent Value..."

"I have no programming knowledge (except basic HTML); I don't have to... just 5 simple steps with VideoWebWizard and my video clips are ready for the web. Excellent value; saves me time to get on with what I need to do."

East Yorkshire


"Easy To Use"


I have fun with VideoWebWizard, it is easy to use. Thank you so much."

Thai Huynh


"Your Software Is Just Great"

"Hi Keith,

Your software is just great. It' s the right program to put video upon a webpage. The support is good, as well.


Thomas Sommer


"It Was Soooooo Easy."


I purchased your software and it worked great. It was soooooo easy.

Mike Sheaffer"


"I Think VideoWebWizard Is Brilliant"

"Hi Keith,

I think VideoWebWizard is brilliant. It has speeded up my  workload and is a doddle to use, and its put a smile on my face and not many applications have ever done that... Thanks.


Chris Mellors
(AV producer)"


"You Have Helped Webmasters Immeasurably"

"Hi Keith,

Wow - what a fantastic piece of software!

Your VideoWebWizard is so easy to use. I now have the ability to easily enhance my hundreds of sites at Domain Nesteggs with video. Your software is making my emerging technology websites much more "sticky" - by keeping my visitors "glued" once they arrive. Keith - you have helped webmasters immeasurably in upgrading their sites to the new video-based Internet.

All the best!
Ted Stalets"


"I Give It My Highest Recommendation"

"Hi Keith,

Thank you for creating such an easy to use piece of software!

I own hundreds of dollars worth of software that "supposed" to make it simple to put video on your site, but Video Web Wizard actually delivers!

Your Video Web Wizard is long overdue, and I give it my highest recommendation."

Moving Forward!"

Ken Reno


"I Love This Software."

"I love this software. I've been using a rival software for about a year, and I ALWAYS have to tweak the code to get it to work.

VideoWebWizard, on the other hand, simply works. The quality is excellent, the processing time is quick, and the install is tidy and accurate.

...Great product, great price."

Wayne Allen


"I Am Extremely Pleased..."

"Hey Keith,

This is my second program from your company and I am extremely pleased with your products.
The level of tutorials is excellent and you provide excellent support.

You obviously are one of the dilligent Internet Marketers out there really proud of your work.

Keep the great products coming!"

Paul Richardson
President, Sentient LLC


"I truly am excited about VideoWebWizard..."


I would like to say I truly am excited about VideoWebWizard and I know "excited" is a strong word, but I am. When I used the software I was amazed by the ease and also the results.

I had a large Windows Media video file and I wanted to use it on my
website. The only option I had was to have my viewers download it to see it. Needless to say, having someone download the file from my website to their computer would have been wasting my time as well as theirs.

But when I used VideoWebWizard I was able to significantly reduce the size of the video and add it directly to my web page - no download needed. And the quality of the video stayed the same!

Keith, thank you for VideoWebWizard."

Bryan A. Jones
Internet Business Consultants
Gahanna, Ohio, USA


"Thanks for a GREAT product."


Video Web Wizard, has already saved me time and money...

Thanks for a GREAT product."



"Simply An Amazing Product That Works Magnificently"

"Hello Keith,

I have to say your Video Web Wizard is simply an amazing product that works magnificently. I truly am so happy with the software! The steps to publish my videos on my website were simple and straightforward. Thanks very much for such an awesome product!!

I was getting concerned that I could not get streaming video on my website or was thinking I was going to be stuck with either Windows Media Player or Real Media...both I really do NOT like!

Not only does your software give me the best alternative in Flash, but the quality is fantastic. The added bonus is the small video file size. Now with your instructions, I can have the freedom to design my website just like I wanted to.

I also want to thank you for your speedy response to my technical question. When good software is combined with good customer support is becomes great software.

I wish you outstanding success with Video Web Wizard!"


Russ Torlage


"I could not believe how easy and FAST it is!!!"


I have finally had some time to sit and play with VideoWebWizard that I purchased from you.  I could not believe how easy and FAST it is!!!  I tried a couple other programs before purchasing yours, and always had problems.

You see, I create websites for misc. clients in the music industry and many have wanted their videos posted.  These videos would be HUGE in size if not created in a flash file.  Everytime I tried these other programs to convert to a flash file, they would lock up or take forever.

I love this quick and easy program! Thanks for making my job easier and for saving me so much time!!!!"



"I would like to congratulate you for the fantastic product you created"

"Hello Keith

I am Karolos Tsiligirian manager of

I would like to congratulate you for the fantastic product you created.

I has helped me immensely to easily [post videos] and
presentations for my websites and mainly

Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Friendly Regards,

Karolos Tsiligirian
FreshCoffeeShop Manager


"I Will Be Using It All The Time"

"Hi Keith,

This is awesome software. I am an International Technology speaker and journalist and speak in 48 countries demonstrating software. Yours is going right to the top....

I own just about every software video package in the market, but the challenge with most of them is that they are so complicated that the average businessperson won't even attempt to use it. Yours is so simple and effective, I will be using it all the time.

To see how effective and important it is to use video on the internet nowadays, take a look at my website at and over 70 videos on sales at

Best Regards,
Frank Furness


"Could Not Ask For A Better Product!"


This product is awesome. Even a kid could do it. Works very well with no problems. Could not ask for a better Product!! Makes life very simple!!!


Jeff Palladino


"Nothing Easier In My Book"


Thank you for a great product. Its truly amazing. I've been able to create
instant web videos. Nothing easier in my book. Great Job! ... "

Del Calkins


"A Dream To Use"

"VideoWebWizard is a dream to use. Nothing complicated at all -- on my first attempt, I had a 5-minute video clip ready to upload so quickly I could hardly believe it was "all done and dusted"! Brilliant. Thanks for an incredibly helpful piece of software."

Ian Carter


"Video Web Wizard Is Fantastic!"

"Video Web Wizard Is Fantastic ! So easy To Use. You Can See It In Action
In My The Video Spot Light.

I Would Like To Thank You Keith Gilbert"

Carrie Goetz


"Video Web Wizard offered exactly what I needed..."

"Mr. Gilbert -

I'm more that happy to give testimony to your software!

I have to say that I was sceptical, but I was looking for software that an assistant could quickly learn to use. Video Web Wizard offered exactly what I needed to get the job done perfectly, at a fraction of the price of a more well known software package that takes many hours of training to master! Video Web Wizard delivers, and is much easier to use! Thank you!"

Dianna MacDonald
Web Designer


"First Class Product"

"Hi Keith,

VideoWebWizard is a first class product, that would be useful to all web masters both for fun, the budding web master, and the more advanced, to enhance their business web sites."

Best regards,

Jeff Woodland
CEO, Relsec Internet Solutions


"Superb Deal... Superb Package."

"Hi Keith,

Superb Deal.......Superb Package. What more can I say ?

Wish you well."



"I've Used It With Great Results"


I've already used it ... with great results. I used Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0 (like MS Movie Maker) to arrange 100+ JPGs from my digital camera into a slideshow with music, burned to a folder, loaded your product and it converted my DVD movie (.VOB file extension) to FLV and built the page to view it.

I uploaded it to my website and sent the link to my client as a first draft of a project we are working on. What a great way to share what was a 109MB file burned to a DVD disk that I would have had to hand-deliver/mail ... in the form of a 7MB or so FLV/SWF video he could view from my website over the internet.

Very cool!! I'm positive I will be learning more about ... and using this product."

Gary Hudson


"I'm thrilled to have the VideoWebWizard
as one of my tools..."


I'm a WordPress programmer. I've literally just completed the first round of "how-to" videos for my clients to help them remember how to create a post, create a link, some of the basic tasks they need to know. I uploaded the huge files to my website and couldn't view them at all.

Then I discovered VideoWebWizard. I can't tell you how happy I am with VideoWebWizard and it's ability to compress the videos down in size, wrap them up and let me easily deliver them from my website. I can't wait to hear the reaction from my clients when they realize they can easily see how to accomplish their tasks.

I'm a big "how-to" person. I've been writing procedures and creating "how-to" products for years now, first for McGraw-Hill, then for myself. I'm thrilled to have the VideoWebWizard as one of my tools. Thank you!"

Debra Simpson


"This Software Is Perfect..."

"This software is perfect - very easy to use. I have been in the web design business for years and this product is powerful for getting video on the web. I recommend this software. Thank you Keith, and VideoWebWizard!"

Roberto Paredes
Media Director. VMM


"For all of you that still have not taken
advantage of this offer: do it!"

"Hello Keith,

VideoWebWizard was a wonderful surprise!! It works very well and soon I will have videos on my websites. I am sure that I will shoot my earnings out of the roof with this special tool. The wizard with all the player templates shows videos that looks very professional!!!

For all of you that still have not taken advantage of this offer: do it!!! (You will thank me later)

Thanks so much"

Paolo Orlando


"I just think VideoWebWizard is great."

"Keith, I would love to give you a testimonial for VideoWebWizard.

I just think VideoWebWizard is great.

I have used other Video Programs including live broadcasting over the internet.

The thing I like the most is that you have a choice of different players. Like I said before I had used another video program before and I wanted to change their player to a blank player because I was trying to do a special effect, when they wanted $500.  To make the changes I canceled the idea for a while.

Then I found VideoWebWizard and it had 10 different players included and one that I can use to create the special effect I was working on before.

Another thing I like is I am not limited anymore to just recording sitting in front of the computer. VideoWebWizard allows me to be able to record the presentation anywhere I want and will convert the file so I can play it on my website.

Ideas on how to implement this is limitless. Keep an eye on my site and see how I implement it."

Edward Hopkins Jr, MCEC


"You will be creating flash video
clips within minutes..."

"This is a very easy to use piece of software for turning your digital camera clips into presentable web content.

Download it and you will be creating flash video clips within minutes. I love it."

Rory Dryden


"Thanks for your dedication and quality of work..."


Just wanted to let you know that I have found your products to be very resourceful.

Thanks for your dedication and quality of work you have put in your software!"

Fernando Lazo
Powerlogic Computer Systems
Brownsville, Texas


"Took Me 10 Minutes To Learn"

"Hi Keith,

What a great tool! It works just as advertised. I'm now able to convert and post all my various videos that I've had on my hard drive for years into my websites.

I've tried a lot of other video conversion programs and always got hung up on one thing or another. Seemed like what should have been a 10 minute job always turned into 45 minutes or more and then I'd get frustrated and leave it for another month. VideoWebWizard took me 10 minutes to learn and now it takes me between 5 and 7 minutes to post and tweak a video.

To say I like this program would be an understatement. I like it because it's simple to use and the result looks really good. Thanks!"

Bruce Santucci
Melbourne, Florida


"A breeze to install and very intuitive to use..."

"The program is a breeze to install and very intuitive to use. Finally - something that really works!"

Randolph Riesterer


"Do what I did - use Video Web Wizard!"

"I use Video Web Wizard on my Church web page , I find it very easy to use and it works RIGHT. If you are looking for a Flash program to use on your Web site, do what I did - use
Video Web Wizard!"

Norman Garrison, Pastor


"Saves Me SO Much Time"

"... BTW love the software - saves me SO much time."

Andy Ide


"Great Product with Great Support"

"Hi Keith

A testimonial...

I think it's a great product with great support. What more do you need to know.

I trust Keith and would not hesitate to purchase from him again in the future.

Joe Forgette


"VideoWebWizard was EXACTLY
what I was searching for!"


VideoWebWizard was EXACTLY what I was searching for! I already had a way to embed flash audio easily into my site, but not video until I found your product! Thank you for this great product and keep them coming!"

Rob White


"Everything I Need To Get My
Videos Up On The Web"

"I was using a lite version of another software program when I recently outgrew it's limited capabilities.

To say that Video Web Wizard has filled the void would be an understatement. It has everything I need to get my videos up on the web for the world to see. Buying this solution is simply 'the wealthy choice.' "

Keith Matthew


"Easy To Use Tool To Convert Videos"

"Hi Keith,

Here are my testimonial:

This is a easy to use tool to convert videos into websites... The videos are top quality.

I like it and recommend it to my friends... Thanks"

Guenther Schwarz (Germany)

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