"Want To Put Video On Your Website in 10 Minutes?
... Here's How."

Introducing VideoWebWizard 2.0... The Easy Way For
You To Start Using & Profiting With Online Video!

From: The Desk of Keith Gilbert

Dear fellow website owner,

Whether you like it or not, a new era of the internet is here.

The Time Of Online Video Is Here.

I don't know how long you've been "online," but 10 or 15 years ago, video used to be very uncommon on the internet.

Most people (including me) had dial-up connections that couldn't handle video. And there just weren't good ways of putting videos on websites. But today, peoples' computers and internet connections are video-capable.

Not only that, but video is becoming a standard  for websites.

It seems like every other website you land on has video at least somewhere on the site. Does yours? After all...

Today, People Are "Wired" For VIDEO...

Did you know that in 2006 alone, movie ticket sales were up by 5.5%?

On the other hand, the percentage of adults in the USA who read literature for fun has DECLINED by over 10% in the last 20 years!

A 1999 study showed that the average household with children has about 3 TV's - and it's probably only increased since then.

Everywhere I go, I see video.

You see advertising TV's in the checkout lanes of the grocery store. You see TV's or DVD's playing in the doctor's office. A few days ago, even, I pulled up to a gas station and a prerecorded video message started playing on an video screen above the pump!

Nobody can tell you how exactly it's happened, but...

Video Is Triumphing Over The Written Word

Obviously, the written word isn't dead. And I don't think it ever will be.

But that's not the point. The point is that people today respond more to VIDEO than to TEXT.

What can you do to take advantage of this change and benefit from it?

All you have to do is start using online video on your website!

Video sparks your visitors' interest and makes them pay more attention to you.

For business owners, that means BETTER CONVERSIONS and EASY PROFITS... more product sales, more email list subscribers and more people staying on your site!

But look at the flip side of that too. If you don't start using video and start catching up with the web's standards, you are going to simply THROW AWAY potential profits. Long-term profits, too.

Maybe you've thought about starting to use online video for your websites, but just haven't done it yet. If that describes you, listen up. I'm about to crack the whip. :)

But first, let's pause for a second while you...

  Grab "The Video Resource List" For Free!

3 Excuses People Use For Not Taking
Advantage of Online Video...

Excuse #1:  "I just haven't gotten around to it yet."

Bad excuse! If you own a business of any kind, you need to be alert about trends and changes in your industry and be ready to act upon those changes to build your business. If you don't, your business could be left in the dust.

Especially with online businesses and websites. Things move much faster on the internet than they do in the "normal" business world. The internet has changed so much in the past 15 years... it's unbelievable! You must be alert to keep up with it - don't put things off.

Excuse #2: "Making video for my website is too hard, expensive,
and time-consuming."

Not true! Nowadays, you can get a decent digital camcorder for less than $199. And if you have Microsoft Windows XP or higher, your computer is all ready to go with free video editing software called "Windows Movie Maker."

But what if you don't have the budget for a digital camcorder? (Even though it's a great investment) You can still use video to your advantage on your website!

For example, you can just get a $20 webcam and start using it to record short messages for your website or newsletter. This will build trust with your website visitors or newsletter subscribers. In fact, a lot of online marketers use this technique simply because it works (it seems personal), it's cheap, it's easy, and it's fast!

Excuse #3: "It's too hard and too technical for me to put video on
my website."

Not anymore.

This may have been true in the past, but with new solutions like the one I'm about to share with you, you'll never be able to use this excuse again!

VideoWebWizard 2.0!

VideoWebWizard 2.0 is a new software tool that allows you to easily and quickly convert videos into web format.

Even if you are completely new to computers or just are not good with technology, don't worry!

The VideoWebWizard 2.0 software has a wizard-like functionality. It literally walks you through the few steps to converting video to website format.

1. Multiple Video Conversion
- Create video playlists quickly & easily by converting multiple videos at the same time

2. Web Page Templates - Choose from 50 different web pages, minisites, and video optin templates when converting a video

3. Five Brand-New Players - Including two video playlist players, two widescreen players, and one compact player

4. Thirteen Video Skins Included - Spice up your videos with these "picture frames" for online videos

5. Brand Your Videos - Overlay an image or logo on top of your video

6. Generate Code Feature - Easily put your video on an existing web page.

7. And More - There are many more small improvements & new features!

Watch This 3-Minute Demo Video of VideoWebWizard!


"I Highly Recommend You Get A Copy of VideoWebWizard 2.0..."

Dale Mercer
Public Speaking Training


"Awesome Piece of Software...
It's Going To Pay For Itself
Many Times Over."

Matthew Stonewell


"Within 30 Minutes Of Unpacking VideoWebWizard 2.0, We Had Our
First Video Ready To Go..."

Dave Witte


"It's An Absolutely Fantastic Product... If You Don't Buy It, You're Missing Out Hugely."

Frank Furness
International Speaker & Author


"If I Can Do It, Anyone Can Do It."

"Hi Keith:

Most people using video today are experienced marketers, with the skills and expertise to put video on the web. I am a complete newbie at this kind of thing, a senior citizen, constructing a simple website for my ladies club.

I found Video Web Wizard easy to use, with instructions that even I could understand. I love the extra skins you made available - especially the "Rose" skin. Now I will be able to add a lot of videos to my ladies club website. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Thanks so much for making it available.
You're the best."

Murray Johnson
Red Hat Society club member


"After 10 Minutes I Created My First Flash Video!"

"Dear Keith,

I hope you are fine?

I bought VideoWebWizard two days ago. After a short time of 10 minutes I realized the installation and created my first Flash Video! I am not a specialist of english language or video clips but VideoWeb Wizad is very easy to use and it is a powerful tool. Thank you for it!"

Kind regards,

Lutz Kramer


"I've Downloaded Every Competing Product... None Come Close To VideoWebWizard."


VideoWebWizard is totally awesome! Believe me, I know. I've downloaded and installed every competing product I can find on the web, and none of them even come close. The user interface is very easy to understand and use, the encoded video quality is excellent, and the file sizes are about a third smaller than applications using an embedded SWF player. The URL launch feature is too cool!

Take a look at my new website: www.dannerwright.com. The videos are all in the Portfolio path--Corporate Documentaries and Events, Corporate Training, and Non-profit Organizations. You are welcome to link to any part of the site."

Jack Wright
Partner/Creative Director
Danner Wright Marketing & Creative Services


"As Easy And Fast As You Claim..."

"Hi Keith,

"I Love it! Very simple and fast. I am a professional entertainer and use video on my website. I am updating all video to flash for obvious reasons. I had previously used the free 30 day trial of Flash from Macromedia but couldn't bring myself to spending $1000 to just get video up on my website. Your software was actually as easy and fast as you claim, which is odd these days. Thanks for making my life easier."

Kerry Pollock


"Does EXACTLY What It Says In The Ad!"

"Very easy to use, straightforward, does EXACTLY what it says in the Ad! No complaints at all!"

Lee Cooke,
Consultant, Lee Cooke Computing & Design


"Within Minutes Of Downloading VideoWebWizard,
I Had A Video Up Online..."

"Hi Keith,

I have to say that think your Video Web Wizard is amazing, I spent hours trying to get a more expensive product to work without success and within minutes of downloading Video Web Wizard, I had a video up online...

Thanks so much!"

Darren Gaudry


"Makes Adding Video To Your Websites VERY Easy"

"Hey Keith,

Love your software! Boy did this come at the right time for me. As you know video is in demand right now and it truly helps with conversion.

And this tool makes adding video to your websites VERY easy. I can't believe how quick and easy it really is!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this awesome software.

Please keep me updated on your next creation I want to be first to know.

Thank you for your great support too :)

Tim B. Miller


"How Does VideoWebWizard Work?"

First off, VideoWebWizard converts all the popular video formats and a few, even, that most comparable software programs don't support. VideoWebWizard supports AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 video formats.

(Don't understand all that computer-speak? That's fine, you don't have to. All it means is that you won't find yourself frustrated with VideoWebWizard because it's not able to convert a certain video format!)

VideoWebWizard converts these video files into a file format called "FLV," or "Flash Video." It's a technology that works with almost all computers and web browsers, even computers running on a non-Microsoft operating system like Macintosh or Linux.

By the way, when you see a video on a website, 99% of the time it is probably in Flash video format. Why? Because Flash works almost everywhere, like I just mentioned, and Flash videos usually have a small file size (so they load quickly) while keeping good quality. Many times you can compress a file to 10% or less of its original file size!

Then, after VideoWebWizard automatically converts your video into Flash format, it generates a small web page with your video on it, complete with a player and controls (play, pause, volume, and so on). Upload this page to your website, and you're done!

Are You Saying: "I'm Not Great With Computers.
Would I Really Be Able To Use VideoWebWizard?"

 The answer is a resounding "YES." You'll master VideoWebWizard in no time at all! VideoWebWizard was created with people like you in mind.

After all... if you're like me, you would rather spend your time working on your business or website than spending hours trying to figure out complicated procedures or confusing software.

Here, I'll show you. See how easy it really is.

Welcome Screen

Step 1 - Choose Files

Step 2 - Choose Settings

Step 3 - Choose Player & Skin

Advanced Player Options

Step 4 - Choose Web Template

Step 5 - Web Page Settings

Step 6- Converting

Step 7 - Done!


Different Player Styles For Your Different Videos

VideoWebWizard comes pre-loaded with 9 video players 14 video players in version 2.0!

These players will load and play the video on your website. They're all professionally designed and have basic controls like Play, Pause, and Fast Forward. Some players even have full screen features.

All of these players are resizable. When you tell VideoWebWizard what video resolution to convert your video(s) at, the software automatically resizes the video player to the right dimensions.

Here are screenshots of all the players that are included in VideoWebWizard 2.0.


"Blank Player"

"Rollover Player"



"Sky Blue"

"Pale Green"



"Widescreen Dark"

"Widescreen Silver"


"Playlist White"

"Playlist Black"


Spice Up Your Video's Appearance With The
Custom Video Skins Included

Want to make your videos stand out from the crowd?

Simply use any of the 13 video skins included with VideoWebWizard! These video skins wrap around your video player and make them snazzier.

They're kind of like picture frames for online videos... take a look!

These video skins were custom-designed to match the video players included with the software. Of course, you can mix and match and use different skins with different players.

 By the way, the Photoshop PSD files are included - so if you know how to use Photoshop, you can edit and customize these skins easily!

Check out these neat video skins!

Convert Multiple Videos All At Once!

You can now convert multiple videos all at once and create video playlists with VideoWebWizard. (This is a brand-new feature for version 2.0)

What's this mean? Instead of having to go through and convert each video one-by-one, you can save time by converting them all at the same time!

All you have to do is add the videos in Step 1 of the wizard and name them (optional).

Then VideoWebWizard will convert each video and put them in one of the 2 video playlist players included with the software.

Brand Your Videos With Your Site URL,
Your Company Logo, Or Any Image!

Want to make your videos look more professional? Or want to "brand" them with a copyright notice? Or your website address or domain name?

Well, with VideoWebWizard 2.0, this is very easy, thanks to the new "Overlay Image" feature.

To use this feature, all you have to do is create an image that has your company's logo or some text somewhere, such as in the right corner, on a gray background. (A template and instructions are included!)

Then, when you're converting a video inside VideoWebWizard, you simply load this image and the software "overlays" it on top of your video!


Instantly Generate A Web Page
With Your Video On It...

One of the neat features of VideoWebWizard (new for version 2.0) that saves a lot of time is the web page template feature.

There are 10 custom web page templates included that integrate seamlessly with the software. (You can create your own, too!)

When you're converting one or more videos in VideoWebWizard, you can choose one of the easy web page templates included and VideoWebWizard will automatically create a web page using the template and place your video on it.

After that, you're done! Your video will appear on the web page with no further modifications necessary. Of course, you can always edit your web page so it looks how you want it - adding text, images, and other videos.

Redirect Your Viewers To Any Website URL
After The Movie Ends

When using VideoWebWizard, you can set a "Completion URL." With this special option, viewers watching your video will be redirected to the website you set as the "Completion URL."

This doesn't sound like anything much at first, does it?

It's actually a really powerful feature.  Just think of all the ways you could use this...

      To redirect people to an order page after your video ends

      To redirect people to an affiliate link & get a percentage of their purchases

      To redirect people to your newsletter subscribe page

      To redirect people to another section of your site or another video

The beauty of this is your viewers never have to type in a website URL or click a link to go to the website you want them to visit.

Believe it or not, some people may watch a whole video of yours but never visit the site you want them to go to. (People are lazy! What else is new?) This feature does the work for them and guides them to the page you want them to go to.

This little feature is the "secret weapon" of many online marketers!

With VideoWebWizard, You Do ALL Of This...

Convert Almost Any Video To FLV (Flash) Website Format
(AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 Video Formats)

Create Video Playlists & Convert Multiple Videos At Once

Manually Control The Quality Settings Of Your New Video
(With Video Resolution, Video Bitrate, Audio Bitrate, Video Frame Rate, & More)

OR  Simply Use One Of The Easy Presets Such As "Cable" Or "Dial-Up"!

Brand Your Videos With Your Own Logo, Website Address, or Custom Text

Choose From A Total Of 14 Video Player Styles

Make Your Video Pop Out With Any Of The 13 Video Skins Included

Automatically Place Your Video On Any Of The 10 Web Page Templates Included

Put Video On Any Existing Web Page Instead Of Making A New Page

Automatically Redirect The Viewer To A Website Address After The
Movie Has Ended Using the "Completion URL" Feature
(To An Order Page, Affiliate Link, And So On! This Is A Powerful Feature!)


"VideoWebWizard Is Nothing Short Of Amazing!!"

"Hi Keith,

VideoWebWizard is nothing short of amazing!!

I have never done anything with video before so I was a little nervous. I opened VideoWebWizard and simply followed the prompts, and was amazed how truly simple it was. Within 4 or 5 minutes, I had the video created AND installed on my website!!

I went to my website and viewed it. It worked perfectly!! I love the feature that allows you to send the viewer directly a different website as soon as the video is over!

Thanks so much,


"I Am Beyond Impressed,
And That Is Not Easily Done."

"Hi Keith,

I use a lot of freeware items, most of which are very very good, and in many cases better than the high cost professional programs.

I will pay for items occasionally, but my theory is "Why pay for something when I can get a better one free?" I threw away a program I paid $38 for because I found a free program that does it better and does more.

All the programs out there handle only a few formats, so you would have to have 4-5 programs to do what this one [VideoWebWizard] does.

Your software is the best out there. Period. Anyone who wants to put up a video on their site, either a personal site or a pro site, needs this.

It is so easy to use and converts a ridiculous number of formats (some I had never even heard of). The file size is very small compared to other programs I have downloaded.

Based on what some of the big name companies sell their software for, with larger file sizes, and fewer choices of formats to convert from, I would say you could easily sell this for $150 or more. It is nice to see a piece of affordable software that is easy to use, and is actually useful. That you offer a way for people to find out about updates and patches by just checking their email is nice as well.

I am beyond impressed, and that is not easily done.



"This Program Is Incredibly Powerful
And Very Easy To Use..."

"Hi ... I usually don't write testimonials, but wanted to make an exception here.

I wanted to put video on my web site and despite the claims of *other* software makers that theirs was the easiest ... (I bought them) ... it wasn't!

I then found VideoWebWizard and must tell you that this program is incredibly powerful and very easy to use. It takes the challenge of putting *any* type of video on a webpage and makes it a painless process.

I highly recommend this program."

Lou Kertesz


"Get It... You Will Be Pleased That You Did."

"Hi, Keith

Software of this kind would normally cost hundreds of dollars. The price of VideoWebWizard is not close to that.

What a little gem this piece of software is. I have always wanted to put video on my sites, to share and promote stuff, but always stayed away from it. That's because, after reading loads of technical jargon that made me feel that it was too difficult and that I would never be able to do it.

Your Video Web Wizard software came along and at first I thought HERE WE GO AGAIN. Then I took a look in detail at the site and was amazed and curious to see if it really was that easy. You've guessed it, I was hooked and decided to buy it. Now I wish that the video web wizard had come along a long time ago and saved me reading all of the technical junk that disheartened me so much. I am 100% happy with the product.

A first class product that anyone can use and be happy with to show off their talents. You people out there do not have an excuse any more. Get it... you will be pleased that you did."

Vince Andrews
(the honest review guy)


"I Absolutely Love Your New Software"

"Hi Keith,

I absolutely love your new software. I had some camcorder videos that I was struggling displaying online and in just a few easy steps I had the video converted and a web page ready to upload.

I am going to use this on many of my marketing sites but will also use this to create a family video site using videos taken on my cell phone!

Top quality Keith!!!"

David Allen


5 Reasons You'll Be Forever Glad You Decided
To Get VideoWebWizard Today...

You'll get more visitors and traffic to your website. Put up a video that's "cool" or viral, or that's interesting or useful, or that's shocking or scary - it'll get passed around and you'll get more visitors to your website!

Your visitors will stay on your website longer. No longer will people land on your site, scroll around for a few seconds, and leave. If you get them to watch a video they're interested in, they'll be hooked!

You'll get more email subscribers. If you get more visitors and they all stay on your site longer, chances are they're much more likely to notice and sign up for your email newsletter.

You'll have better conversion rates of visitors to sales and leads. Videos have some psychological effect that plain ol' text just can't generate, and they let you connect with your visitors in a way text can't. If you're selling products or services and you use both text and video, you're sure to make more money with your website.

You'll have a more impressive site. Not only that, but you will be one of the smart webmasters and marketers who are taking advantage of the "online video" phenomenon and are adapting to the new "video" era.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You Can
Put On Your Website With VideoWebWizard...

Video ads or infomercials

Company presentations or talks

Funny, strange, helpful, or "cool" videos that go viral & create an avalanche of traffic to your website

Webcam messages to website visitors or newsletter subscribers

Training videos for your subscribers, friends, affiliates, and so on

Videos for organizations, churches, and so on

Promotional videos for a band

Family videos on your personal website

And much, MUCH more! This is just a start!

Why Not Grab VideoWebWizard Right Now?


"Just Perfect For My Needs"

"Hi Keith,

"VideoWebWizard is just perfect for my needs. I really didn't want to use YouTube or Google Video (or anyone else) as I want to come across as professional!

Plus, VideoWebWizard comes with various skins and is quick and easy to use.

Good job!"

Noel Lyons


"Thanks To VideoWebWizard,
My Problem Is Solved"

"I am not good at HTML or technical things for my website, but thanks to VideoWebWizard, my problem is solved. I give commands and it works for me like a magic wizard. It is fast and has a beautiful interface. It is so simple, works with most of the video formats, and is very affordable. One thing I am sure about: my investment in this software will pay me back well."

Ari Nusrat (Japan)


"I Am Practically Techless But Before I Knew It
I Had Videos Everywhere..."

"VideoWebWizard is awesome.

I am practically "techless" but before I knew it I had videos everywhere
I could think of putting them on my site. It's amazing !

...Thanks for the GREAT product Keith !

PS If you have any other products I want them too !"

Rick Falls
"The Work at Home Dad"


"Can't Wait To See The Increase In
Conversion Rates On My Product Sales!"

"Hello Keith,

I want to thank you and say I'm excited about VideoWebWizard! Now I will be able to create wonderful pre-sell [videos] and can't wait to see the increase in conversion rates on my product sales!!

Thanks again Keith!"



"I Wanted To Send Video's To Relatives"

"My reason for buying the program was because I wanted to send video's to relatives but found that I couldn't do it by email. So far I have this site...


... up and running with [videos converted with] the program. Once I figured out how the program worked it was easy to do and worth what I paid for it."

Wanda Qualls


Since I like to overdeliver with my products and go beyond peoples' expectations, you'll also receive the following bonuses with your purchase of VideoWebWizard!

Bonus #1: Web Page Templates
(Value: $39.95+)

You'll love this package of 40 additional web page templates that comes integrated with VideoWebWizard!

To use any web page template, simply choose it when converting a video in VideoWebWizard. The software will then place your video automatically on the web page! Included in this package:

One (1) Video Postcard Template - Create a video message for
your website visitors or email list to go on this "virtual postcard"!

Five (5) Minisite Templates - Create a professional site or
sales letter even if you have no design skills!

Thirty-Four (34) Video Optin Templates - Build your email list
extremely quickly using these templates & the power of video!

Bonus #2: Easy Web Builder Software
(Value: $49.95+)

Easy Web Builder is a simple-to-use (yet powerful) website editor. Use it to create new web pages or edit existing ones. You can also use it to edit any web page that VideoWebWizard generates that has your video on it.

With Easy Web Builder, you do not need to know any HTML or other complicated programming language. You simply insert text, images, tables, and forms and the software does all the work for you!

Easy Web Builder comes exclusively with VideoWebWizard. You can not get Easy Web Builder through any of my websites!


Bonus #3: Complete Tutorial & Bonus Guides

Of course, VideoWebWizard comes with a complete tutorial eBook that shows how to use all the features.

But don't worry, this isn't some thick user's manual - it's less than 20 pages long. It just doesn't take that long to explain everything, because VideoWebWizard is so easy! In fact, you probably don't even need to read the tutorial eBook.

You'll also receive a "Frequently Asked Questions" eBook with a few guides on how to do certain tasks, such as:

- How To Convert A DVD With VideoWebWizard
- How To Get The Best Video Quality
- How To Display An Email Subscribe Page After A Video Plays



"Truly The Best Video Program Out There"

"Hi Keith:

I have purchased all the video web programs I could find and all of them have been really hard to understand and follow. Was I ever delighted to finally find Video Web Wizard! Trust me, anybody can use this to convert videos to the web. I have used it on my website with a wonderful performance to my conversion rates. I am going to set up Video Web Wizard with [my eBay auction descriptions] now and watch my stats go up and up. This is truly the best video program out there. Don't waste your time with the others.

Kelley Brown
The Newbie Centre
Ontario, Canada"



By Now You're Probably Worrying
About The Price...

What's a fair price for cutting-edge technology like VideoWebWizard?

Well, comparable software is selling for $100, $150, $150+ ... even hundreds of dollars!

I could be charging that much. But don't worry, I'm not going to.  :)

If you act quickly, I am willing to give you instant access today to this incredibly-powerful internet marketing and webmaster tool for MUCH less than that. $59.95.

You heard right!  Just $59.95.

Let me tell you... that's absolutely nothing compared to the money and hours upon hours I've invested to make this software.

Honestly, this is a steal  here. But as if that isn't good enough, I'm going to back up my offer to you with my 100% money-back guarantee.

Try out VideoWebWizard for a full 60 days.

I'm confident that you'll be absolutely delighted with it!

But if, for any reason, you decide that you are not satisfied, simply contact me within 60 days and I will refund 100% of your purchase.

Your purchase is completely RISK-FREE!



YES! - Give me VideoWebWizard 2.0!
I want the powerful VideoWebWizard software that will enable me to put attention-grabbing, profit-pulling videos on my website!

            Instant Access  ORDER VIA OUR 256-BIT HIGH-SECURITY
     ORDERING SYSTEM  Instant Access 

with Windows
2000, XP,
Vista, 7, 8
(64-bit supported)


Order Now - Instant Access

Don't underestimate the power of video. It can bring your website and your business to whole new level. VideoWebWizard is the tool that unlocks the power of video by allowing you to put videos on your website.

P.S.S. Don't be fooled by the low price. This small investment can bring wild return on investment. It can bring hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional profit compared to if you had not used video on your website!

P.S.S.S. Why are you still reading?! Don't waste time thinking about whether you want to use VideoWebWizard to transform your business or website. Get started now! You will have your first video on your website in the next 10 minutes... Download VideoWebWizard Now!  


   Keith Gilbert


"By Far The Best Money I've Ever Spent"


This is by far the best money I've ever spent.

Video Web Wizard is so easy to use and now I'm not held back from putting video right on my website, just like the gurus...

Mike Hill

PS. The additional players you provide are absolutely stellar. I feel like I robbed you to get it because similar type products sell for hundreds of dollars more."